Simon Trpceski

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 Rach CD

Trpčeski to tackle intensely demanding program of Schubert and Liszt

South Florida Classical Review, February 23, 2012

By Keith Powers

… Trpčeski will also serve up the celebrated showpiece Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

“Thanks to Hanna Barbera, the second Rhapsody is more popular than it should be,” he says. “I call it the ‘Tom and Jerry rhapsody’ (referring to the famous cartoon that brought the piece widespread attention). “But there is much more to the work than just showing off—it depends on the artist. If one pays attention to all the marks, especially the pedaling, then you can appreciate its value.”…


Simon Trpceski in Spain

Simon Trpceski: «Hay que vivir para transmitir algo a través de la música»

El Norte de Castilla, December 14, 2011


… El pianista macedonio goza en España, donde se siente como en casa «los macedonios también tenemos siesta y nos gusta la fiesta…

… «Estoy feliz por tocar aquí con él. Petrenko es una de los músicos más serios que conozco, es capaz de llegar al corazón de la música, a lo que verdaderamente significa. Es muy profesional y, a la vez, crea una atmósfera en la que logra sacar lo que quiere de los músicos de forma natural», dice…


Best thing since Alexander the Great 

Macedonia Marvel, Simon Trpceski, Pianist with BSO

The Boston Musical Intelligencer, April 21, 2011

By Bettina A. Norton

... I would say I am a romantic person. But I have to say I was really taught to find myself in any piece I play, starting from Bach onwards, to try to feel the music, between my soul. There is really a lot of romantic stuff in Bach, and really before Bach. From my teachers I had well-built [instruction]. The Russian influence was natural, but on the other hand they were really open to build my repertory in different directions, my education. For the last several years, now working by myself, I really try to broaden my repertory. It’s very healthy...


ST - Chopin CD

Pianist Simon Trpčeski catches up with iCadenza!

iCadenza Talk, February 22. 2011

By Dolora Zajick

… The potential of Macedonian folk music is huge and I personally believe that it can lead to a newer, if not a completely new, perception of contemporary classical music. I hope that the audience, especially the folk and jazz lovers, will like it…



VOA in MAcedonia     Interview, Trpceski - VOA in Macedonian VIDEO INTERVIEW>>


Македонскиот пијанист Симон Трпчески гостуваше во Вашингтон

Уметниците се најголеми амбасадори на своите држави, вели младиот пијанист

Глас на Америка - Македонски, 21 февруари 2011

… „Најважно е човек професионално да си ја извршува својата работа. Јас тоа го правам на највисоко можно ниво. Во мојата професија нема импровизација и го правам тоа со огромна љубов. Еден комплимент што го добив во Сиетл е дека јас водам љубов со пијаното, и тоа кажува се`. Мислам дека ние уметниците сме најголеми амбасадори на своите држави“…




Trpčeski Returns to Disney Hall

Culture Spot LA, February, 12. 2011

By Julie Riggott

 … Other highlights filled the autumn, like the Carnegie Hall debut with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Marin Alsop — which was really successful and received a standing ovation — and receiving the Diapason d’Or Award in Paris for the Best Concerto CD in 2010 for the Rachmaninov Concertos Nos. 2 and 3 with Petrenko and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

The calendar year finished with two concerts in two days, in two countries with two concertos. London Symphony and Pappano in Rachmaninov 1 and the following day — an event of historical dimension — the first-ever British orchestral visit to Macedonia, with the London Philharmonic and Jurowski in Prokofiev 3. That was an event of significant importance for such a small country like Macedonia, so I am really proud of it…



Симон Трпчески и Лондонската филхармонија ја воодушевија македонската публика

Долгоочекуваниот концерт на познатиот македонски пијанист Симон Трпчески заедно со Лондонскиот филхармониски оркестар, предводени од диригентот Владимир Јуровски, се оддржа вечерва во „Метрополис арената“

КурирМК, 10.12.2010

многу сум горд како Македонец и затоа сакам да им упатам голема благодарност на сите оние кои вложија голем труд и овозможија Македонија да доживее вакво нешто, односно до сите оние кои овозможија да го доживееме овој историски момент. Голем поздрав до организаторот на концертот „КултурОп“ и Министерството за култура


BSO - Logo

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Video Interview:


Conversation with Simon Trpceski


 Simon Trpceski - Meet the musicians

Meet the musicians: Simon Trpceski talks with TGN

The Gathering Note; June 10, 2010

Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski has got to be one of the busiest musicians I have had the pleasure of talking with. He is in Seattle performing a total of five concerts with the SSO.  Earlier in the week he joined musicians from the SSO in a chamber music concert honoring the 200th birthday of Robert Schumann.  Last night, he started a four concert series (one of the concerts will be played in Olympia tonight) with the orchestra where he plays Saint Saens’ Second Piano Concerto.

People who have followed Trpceski’s career since he made his North American debut in Seattle told me there was plenty to enjoy in his rendition of Schumann’s epic Piano Quintet. Even those people who are cool to Trpceski’s distinctive style told me the Piano Quintet crackled with unexpected velocity, poetry, and interpretive depth...

Interview - BSO Musicians VIDEO INTERVIEW >>



iCadenca - Interview


Interview with Simon Trpceski

iCadenza Talk, April, 19. 2010

By Julia… Julia interviews Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski after his performance at Classical Underground. Simon Trpceski had just performed a series of concerts with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

In this interview, he discusses the Macedonian songs that he had performed that evening, his approach to creating energy onstage, and his love of singing (on and offstage)…


Pianist Simon Trpčeski: Romantic at Heart

San Francisco Classical Music Voice, April 3, 2010

By Lisa Petrie

… I am a romantic person, and, being a Slav, Romantic music is close to my heart. On the other hand, as a student I had to start with Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven. I was always taught to find myself in any piece that I play. I don’t associate with certain periods in musical history; rather, I feel happier with a variety of composers because that builds my musical personality…


ST - Arts Journal

Pianist Simon Trpceski on Music, Macedonia and Making His Way

Arts Journal Blog, March 31. 2010

By Chloe Veltman

… Whenever I am asked to describe the Republic of Macedonia in a few words, I say that it is:

The land of Alexander the Great
A country with an incredibly picturesque landscape
A land of both deep religion and vibrant culture
Full of tasteful wine and irresistible food…and beautiful women!

What more can one ask for? :)


ST, Chopin CD - photo 2

SFist Interviews: Pianist Simon Trpčeski

March, 21. 2010

By Cedric

… I hear that some artists hardly ever shake the hands of people. I can't close myself in a glass bell and live on my own. I can't agree with that. I'm a normal human being, and I do the normal things in life, a part from playing the piano. I believe that the everyday life is actually the thing that motivates us and inspires us for what we bring on the stage. If you just play music all the time non-stop and don't have the chance to enjoy the life, in my opinion, something is missing…


ST - Chopin CD, photo 3

Performing Rachmaninov's Piano Concertos is a great responsibility, says Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski 


By Rebecca Franks

What does Rachmaninov mean to you?

He means a lot to me as a composer, because I've loved him since my childhood. I feel fulfilled by his music – you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s like taking a really good, full breath of air.

Perhaps it’s because of the fullness of the sound that he gets out of the piano. It goes through my whole body. But he's a complex composer to interpret, and performing his concertos is a great responsibility…




… Simon played the Grieg piano concerto in the opening concert of the festival for the LSO. He was fantastic. He talked earlier about the simplicity of the folk music he played on accordion as a child and how the Grieg was very similar. Of course, it’s the hardest thing in the world to play a simple melody and make it sing, but he did it beautifully. I look forward to seeing him play in London next year…


Meet the Macedonian maestro

Pianist Simon Trpcheski counts music, not money, as a primary concern

The Irish times, March, 12, 2009

By Michael Dervan

… The biggest thrill of his career, he says, has been the pure pleasure he gets from performing, not just with the great orchestras but also the lesser ones, not just the big halls, but also the smaller ones, especially in his native country. And the pleasure, he says, comes from sharing his audience’s feeling of “this pure magic and love for the music itself”. It’s a pleasure he can’t really express in words. “If I could put it in words, I would be a poet.”…


Times Online

Simon Trpceski, the Macedonian magician

The pianist Simon Trpceski insists modestly that he is "abnormally normal", but at home he ranks as a national hero

The Times, February 29, 2008

By Geoff Brown

The tempo of life's become crazy!”

Especially for a hot concert pianist. Macedonian pride and respect for culture have made Trpceski a big hero at home. “My cousins have a running joke about Skopje naming a street after me!”

Recently he inspired an art project in Skopje, with three sculptors using his performances as springboards. One created Trpceski masks, dangling from the ceiling. Another, the most cryptic, dreamt up nine vertical posts housing small brass balls engraved with composers' names. The third, Slavco Spirovski, created a quirky masterpiece: a blue Plexiglass piano with goldfish where the strings should be, triggering sounds each time they swim into a laser beam, in honour of Debussy's piano piece Poissons d'or…


NY Times

Playing Accordion for Fun, but Piano for Macedonia

Simon Trpceski, a Macedonian who began his career with the accordion, plays piano with the New York Philharmonic tonight.

Ruby Washington/The New York Times, September 26, 2007

By Vivien Schweitzer

… He has inherited some of the best traits of that school, including powerful virtuosity and a deeply expressive, singing approach, along with an unsurprising affinity for Russian and Romantic repertory. “I am a very romantic guy,” he said with a quick grin. “I have a romantic personality.”…