Simon Trpčeski plays Brahms, Ravel & Poulenc – Review by Gramophone

With few exceptions, Poulenc’s piano music is so seldom programmed that hearing a representative selection almost seems a discovery. The self-effacing composer may himself have been partly responsible for the neglect. He famously declared that only in his songs did he become inventive at the keyboard, while solo piano music eluded him. Fortunately the enduring quality of his music for other media piques the curiosity of pianists now and then,

Review: Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at Birmingham Symphony Hall

The concerto was Rachmaninov Two, the soloist the much-loved Simon Trpceski (apparently making his first visit to the hall), playing with a confident rubato and empathy with his collaborators. This was a joint triumph for pianist and orchestra (full-throated strings, eloquent woodwind), Trpceski bringing warmth as well as glitter to rippling passage-work, and always a freshly-minted response to this well-worn work. Applause from a packed auditorium came in huge waves,

Dazzling Rachmaninov from Trpčeski, Petrenko and Oslo Philharmonic

Dazzling Rachmaninov from Trpčeski, Petrenko and Oslo Philharmonic Radiating calm assurance with Rachmaninov’s much loved Piano Concerto No. 2 Trpčeski dazzled the audience. Right from the opening Moderato movement the impact of the intense romantic expression felt as boldly compelling as when I first encountered the work some forty years ago. Not given to wallowing in overt sentimentality and ostentatious display Trpčeski’s direct approach worked splendidly delivering a poetic atmosphere