First review for my new CD, MAKEDONISSIMO! The CD is scheduled to be officially released on 28 of August 2020.”Groovy and eloquent chamber-music arrangements of Macedonian folk music””Contrasting between energetic dance and tender ballad, the music here is at the same time great fun and movingly expressive.” “It has to be said that this mixture of spicily rhythmic dances and gently eloquent songs works extremely well in this setting, which is of course not an attempt to bring absolute traditional music in a kind of authentic ‘revival’, but more an entirely new vision on an entire genre of music, much as Astor Piazzolla brought the tango to the concert hall with his ‘tango nuevo’ approach to what was also a traditional type of music. The overall effect is more ‘jazz’ than ‘classical’ music if you are seeking to find a stylistic shelf to place this disc, but don’t let that put you off trying it if you think you don’t like jazz. Traditional tunes pop up in ‘classical’ music all of the time, from Bach to Copland and Bernstein to Mahler, so just take this in as a rich new source of some superbly performed and recorded sounds, and see how far you get with your living-room choreography dancing to those groovy rhythms.”