WASO, Asher Fisch and Simon Trpčeski play Brahms, Rachmaninov and Wagner at Perth Concert Hall by David Cusworth, The West Australian, 25 November 2023

https://thewest.com.au/…/waso-asher-fisch-and-simon…… ‘Trpceski’s entry was modest but warm, with endless time to work over gentle phrases. Limpid expression asked little of the audience save to let the music wash over & immerse the hall. Brahms’ muse, Clara Schumann, might have been present in the woodwind chorale that drifted in over rumbling piano before a fresh spark reignited the attack in majestic melody & harmony. Between solos Trpceski seemed to be shaping the sound as if conducting, returning to the keyboard for ethereal meanderings; lifting in cadenza-like flurries then fading to a chordal ensemble cadence.Launching instantly into the Rondo finale, Trpceski attacked with verve & virtuosic flair, handing off to the orchestra for another mood swing and frenzy of notes.All were spectators for a brilliant cadenza display that drew the orchestra into a final canter through blistering runs to a bombastic conclusion.Fisch was the disappearing director, conducting tutti passages where needed while connecting organically with the soloist, sharing an empathy that surfaced again in the encore.Trpceski had a second piano stool rolled out for a four hands version of Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No 4 in F minor partnered by Fisch; lilting lyrically, dashing, slowing then racing again in a pas de deux full of bonhomie & bear hugs.After the interval Rachmaninov’s final work, Symphonic Dances, was a fitting epitaph for a season remarkably free of Covid hiccups (touch wood).